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What is Ossemble?

  • Ossemble is a community driven review site, our goal is to help individuals make an impact and move change forward.
  • This is accomplished by focusing on your city of residence.
  • We believe that the best way to impact national change is by first focusing on our local communities.

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Community Score

    Community Score
  • Review your city departments and services.
  • File a complaint that others in the community can endorse.
  • Track and compare your city score to other cities.

Ossembly -

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    Community Feed
  • Endorse causes that help move your city forward.
  • Propose a Petition for change that you want your city to review.
  • Conduct conversations about local improvements, local (good) news, schools, city affairs and anything else that can help your city.

Point System -

Coming Soon!

    Point System
  • Ownership - Accrue points by submitting a new proposal, filing complaints, starting conversations, rating departments, etc..
  • Communication - Gain communication points by having your comment labeled as either, Helpful, Positive, Funny and Sensible.
  • Persistence - Show your persistence by getting others to endorse your cause.
  • Gratitude - Endorsements work in two simple ways either by an “up-vote” or signing a petition.